CITT & Lakeland College Pathway

CITT’s English language program is a gateway to studying at Lakeland College. We are an approved English language school for Lakeland. Lakeland College was founded in 1913 in Vermilion, Alberta. Today the college has campuses there as well as Lloydminster, a city that straddles the border of both Alberta and Saskatchewan.

CITT College

Lakeland College

Steps in this Pathway

1. Choose a Lakeland program
Lakeland offers a number of certificate and diploma programs. They range through agricultural and environmental sciences, working with children and youth, business and power engineering. Check the complete list of programs open to international students.

2. Enroll in CITT’s English proficiency program
If you enroll in our 8-month program focused on English proficiency Lakeland College will conditionally accept you as a student.

3. Successfully complete CITT’s English program
Once you’re completed CITT’s English program and achieved a  minimum score, you’ll have met Lakeland’s English language requirements. Provide a copy of your transcript to the Lakeland College admissions office. You’ll be provided with an acceptance letter.

4. Come to Lakeland College
Lakeland’s international department provides a number of supports specifically for international students. You also have access to many types of academic, social and wellness services. Whether you spend a year or two years at Lakeland College, our promise is job-ready skills where you’ll learn through hands-on real world experiences.
For more information about Lakeland College, please:
explore our programs
check out our tips about living in Canada and the prairies on our website
contact the international department at

5. After you graduate
CITT returns as your main support. At this time, we’ll help with work opportunities and immigration assistance.

CITT Campus

Lakeland Campus

CITT's Role

We’ll support you:
 from your first inquiry about our training to an initial application assessment
• along the pathway to and through Lakeland College including help with your application to Lakeland and student visa application
• other study and work assistance
• after you graduate with work opportunities and immigration assistance

For more information

Contact CITT at or Lakeland’s international department at