CITT & Lakeland College Pathway

Studying for 16 months in Canada and work full time for 6 months before being processed as a quality immigration candidate is a  dream for those who is pursuing a better future  life in Canada. This pathway’s studying stage are divided into two stages , (1) CITT accepts a student to complete an 8-month Lakeland Prep Class at CITT, focusing on English improvement and Lakeland  program preparation, while pre-arrange a seat for the student at Lakeland College.


  (2) CITT transfers students to Lakeland College to complete an 8-month certificate program to qualify for a work permit.

Lakeland College has 4 year bachelor’s degree programs, 2 year diploma programs and one certificate programs. The available certificate program available to international students are: Business General, Early Childhood Education,



After working full time for 6 months only in either Alberta or Saskatchewan province, a student can be processed at the Immigration as a Quality Immigration Applicant. Those age 16-40 years old with only a high school transcript are the minimal requirement to apply to join the Pathway.

 CITT provide a one stop service to help you realize your dreams, services include Initial application assessment,  Lakeland application assistance, visa application assistance, work and study assistance, student child local free schooling assistance,  after graduation job assistance, immigration application assistance.