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Academy of Learning Career College

Canada’s Largest Career College Network 

At Academy of Learning, we attribute our rapid growth to our success in identifying and filling the gap between the formal education currently available in Canada and the realities of the working world. We provide learners the solutions they need by offering customized, convenient, and affordable programs.

In today’s business world, where quality training is not only important but essential to career success, Academy of Learning Career College stands out as a training provider relied on by students, employers, and government agencies. Students can choose from over 30 diploma and certificate programs offered at Academy of Learning Career College.


Why Choose AOLCC?

Recognized Programs

We go to great lengths to ensure quality training. Our 30+ diplomas and certificates are approved by the regulating bodies in each province where we operate.

Flexible, Self-Paced Learning

Our flexible scheduling gives you the freedom to balance your education with employment and family life. Complete your coursework at a pace that's right for you, while building skills step-by-step.

Personalized Support

Learning Coaches are available at all times to provide personalized guidance and assistance to help you succeed. We ensure a comfortable, safe and friendly learning environment for all adult learners.

Graduate Faster

Short, effective programs allow you to earn your diploma or certificate in as little as 4-12 months. Jump into the workforce sooner and don't wait years for a degree at a community college or a university.

State-of-the-Art Learning System

Our world-class Integrated Learning System (ILS) uses audio, visual, online and rich media to help you master each subject matter before moving on. You don’t need any computer or special skills to start!

Practical Experience

Many of our programs feature a practical component in which learners gain valuable experience. Hands-on tasks give you an opportunity to put your skills into action.

Programs Overview


S.M.A.R.T learning at CITT

It’s hard to know where you’re going if you don’t have a destination already in mind. That’s why each CITT course starts by showing you a map of where you’re going and what you will achieve. You’ll truly know how far you’ve come by seeing yourself conquer one Specific, MeasurableAchievableRealistic, and Time-sensitive (SMART) goal after another!

Utilize every corner of your brain

Tired of taking courses where all you do is passively turn the page? We are, too! That’s why our courses are created to maximize interaction, engage, and inspire. Through interaction with media, workbooks, and practical exercises, courses actively involve students in their learning and motivate them to go further.

Achieve the best learning result

The courses are filled with authentic exercises and tasks where you’ll apply what you’ve learned – just like you would in the workplace when you start your new career. Through the courses, you’ll gain the practical experience you need now rather than during your first few months on the job.

Making the wise choice, at the right time.

Dedicated to Quality

Our programs are conceived and developed with learners’ needs and ease of use in mind. At Academy of Learning Career College, Canada’s largest career college network, our training program will set you up for success. Learn more about our world-class Integrated Learning System (ILS).

We have more than 30+ Diploma and Certificate Programs.

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50+ Campuses Across Canada

As a Canadian Owned and Operated Company, we are proud to
deliver quality Education to our fellow Canadians.
With 50+ campuses across Canada we are Canada’s largest career college. As a Canadian owned and operated company, we understand the requirements of Canadian learners and tailor our curriculum and learning outcomes for the realities of the Canadian job market.

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We Strive to Provide our Adult Learners with the Highest Quality in Education, Curriculum, Service and Technology.

Success Stories

Why Choose AOLCC

The secret of our students’ success comes from training with Academy of Learning Career College’s exclusive Integrated Learning™ System. Available only at Academy of Learning Career College, the Integrated Learning™ System has helped our graduates successfully complete over one million training courses.

Our Promise

WE WILL: Meet your individual training needs. Demonstrate a genuine concern for your career success. Improve your productivity and marketability. Provide a high-quality learning experience. Excel in the delivery of superior career, business and computer skills training. Provide a warm and friendly learning environment. Employ caring, professional and knowledgeable staff.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of under-served students and the communities in which they live. Globally, our flexible, supportive environment empowers dedicated students to achieve their goals.