Canadian Institute of Technology and Trades?

The Canada Institute of Technology and Trades (CITT) is an Ontario Ministry of Education registered vocational college located in the Niagara region. It has 47 programs leading to college diplomas widely recognized by industries in both Canada and USA. Both CITT and Fort Erie International Academy are under one Education Group’s umbrella and share the same campus, which can accommodate 2900 students.


To satisfy the increasing demand from International clients we created university and college pathways to assist students in reaching higher educational and personal goals. We work with students to improve their English abilities and provide courses credited by universities and colleges for work opportunities in Canada. CITT works closely with local industries to provide job support. We always go above and beyond to provide the best services to students and their families.

Making the wise choice, at the right time.

College Diploma Programs

We currently offer 47 diploma programs to meet your needs. A program time frame ranges from 4 to 12 months. Additionally, we provide government funded job orientated courses. You can always find a fit program a CITT. These diplomas are recognized by  industries in both United States and Canada.
Business | Health & Wellness | Human Services | Energy | Environmental Science | Education +

Pathway Programs

We currently run 3 university and college pathway programs.

UPP (CITT → Seneca College → University of Toronto)
CBU (CITT → Cape Brenton University)
Lakeland@CITT (CITT → Lakeland College)

CITT & Lakeland Admission Requirements

This program welcomes people with a variety of educational backgrounds. To apply, you need to be 16-40 years old with a high school graduate certificate,  and a high school transcript . However, no IELTS or TOEFL test result is required for entrance.

CITT & Lakeland Operation Process

01. Registration Form, Registration Fee & Documents (High School transcript, ID etc.)
02. Initial Assessment
03. Official Offer & Tuition Fees payment
04. Visa  applications Assistance
05.  Initial airport pick-up, accommodation arrangement, 06. assist family members in applying for work permit, job assistance, student’s child free public schooling registration assistance 

7. After graduation we assist you with job support and your PR application.

01. Our Mission

To fill in the gap between formal education and the reality of the working world; to deliver high-quality courses to equip learners with competitive skills; to empower dedicated students to achieve their academic and professional goals.

02. Our Promises

WE will: meet your unique study needs, deliver high-quality learning experiences, help equip you with competitive skills and prepare pathways to a professional career and top university degree. 


Why Choose CITT?

Short, Effective programs

We offer condensed programs, so you can earn your Diploma or Certificate in just 4-12 months instead of the conventional 2-4 years at a Community College or University. This gives you the financial flexibility to get into the workforce sooner, instead of being tied to a Community College or University for several years.

University and Immigration Pathways

Our University Pathway Prep Class helps students with no IELTS to enter top universities in Canada.

Our Lakeland College Pathway Prep Class helps those with high school diploma to settle down in Canada through short time study and work.

Small Class Size

Our regular class size is up to 26 students, so each student can get personal level attention from  teacher and get more opportunity to participate in our interactive learning atmosphere.

Job Orientated

CITT programs are mostly   job oriented, and real world simulated.  Labs and tutors are provided to further prepare you for an industry license exam. Some co-op training opportunities are also available.  

Various Background Acceptable

Some people adjusted their education goal late than the others, we also help those to raise their education levels and qualification levels. With our continuous enrolment, it is never too late for you to start.

Safe, Comfortable Learning Environment

There’s no intimidating classroom atmosphere or competition! We ensure a comfortable, safe and friendly learning environment for all adult learners. If you need to miss a lesson, you can take the same lesson at another time. With a personal level care and online learning you’ll never miss an assignment or lesson.

Diploma and Certificate Programs

We offer over 45 Diploma and Certificate programs for you to choose from. For one-on-one support, Learning Coaches are available at all times to provide personalized guidance and assistance to help you succeed!

Hands-On Training

Audio, visual, online and rich media instructions are used to explain concepts and guide learners through initial skill-based applications. Hands-on tasks give students an opportunity to apply skills to “real life” situations. We help you master the subject matter before moving onto the next lesson.

Practical Experiences

Many of our programs feature a practical component in which learners gain valuable experience with actual clients.


Clients & Partners

In Canada there are many great colleges and universities such as the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, McMaster University, Cape Brenton University, Durham College, George Brown College, Niagara College, Seneca College etc. CITT is cooperating with many of them.